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By Dr. Lucy Coleman


I am a medical doctor, specialist on high complexity reproductive medicine and embryology, certified in cellular regeneration, a best-seller author with +35 books, entrepreneur with 8 successful companies, founder of the Hypnocell® program, Fertility Online, and LifeBoss Network, director of Fertiaguerrevere, and Unicef Child Rights Advocate.

I love writing, playing piano, watching Ancient Aliens, travelling with my two loves (husband and son), and spending time with my family.

I have come a long way, and I have done exactly everything I planned for this life. This makes me feel proud. However, this success didn’t come easy as I hit several big rocks on the way, and in occasions even thought my life was not worth to live anymore. Today I know we all go through these same stages. We fall and get back up again. That’s life to me.

Coming from a small town in Venezuela, I learnt through my parents that life was a constant battle of success and goals, and in order to get where I wanted to go it was necessary to focus, and to work hard. I knew it was important to prepare and to feel there was a warm blanket to lay on, and a very strong support system to protect us from harm.

What I didn’t know well is that professional success does not equal personal success. We might be told that but once you get where you always wanted it might be scary and lonely to see that you are still empty. That happened to me when I reached the peak and still felt lonely.

After a long battle with life that involved several health struggles and life-threatening diagnoses, I learnt how to heal, and mastered the secrets of greatness, wellbeing and happiness.

I learnt how to reach true success and how to make my cells understand me. I gained the LifeBoss spirit and decided to spread the teachings to others.

Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, self-healing, realisation, and truth, and become the pioneer of your own life. We will re-discover your inner LifeBoss, and your life will be changed forever. Trust me on this!