We have the ability to influence gene expression and mitochondrial function through diet, lifestyle, and thoughts. That’s powerful medicine.

The mind posses a great power for improvement and healing. Any chronic illness has a cause, a root where everything started, and that is where conventional/western medicine has its limitations.

First, the root cause of the disease needs to be found, then a method of cellular regeneration is used through hypnocell® to coach the cells for renovation, improvement, and even healing.

There are too many complications and side effects caused by chronic diseases and their treatments, that can even hide the root cause with the intention of alleviating symptoms instead of going deeper to the why, how, what and when the disease started in the first place.

This is exactly the method of cellular coaching.

To all the LifeBosses out there that have gone through so much, and have a lot to say. And to all of those people searching to take control of their own lives, take control of their health, and become LifeBosses. My program is for you!

I am a a medical doctor and cellular coach, and I know the approach to many diseases and problems. I know how to straighten up lives.

I have created Hypnocell®, Fertility Online, and LifeBoss Network. Check them out in my projects.

“My background as a medical doctor has given me the opportunity to meet very interesting people during the years. I have learnt to listen and to understand that most times people just need to talk, and to find someone to listen to their concerns, and guide them to the path of empowerment. “

Did you know you can do anything? And I mean anything!

Let me be straight with you. I’ve reinvented my life several times because my real purpose took me to different paths. I was scared once, and it was terrifying not been able to make a decision because of the fear of change.

I know what living in fear, pain, and anxiety means!

That is the reason that led me to start my projects and help others achieve the success of improving and even healing their lives in all aspects. Because I did it too!

How many times have we heard: you won’t do this, you can’t do that, and the story goes on and on…

But today my LifeBoss program will allow you to be on a LifeBoss role, and to acknowledge and believe you are capable of achieving health, happiness, and success as a master of your own life.

“Listen to my great podcast to uplift your spirit with interesting subjects about life, and interviews filled with knowledge and teachings”

You can hear me on the go and get to be part of a nice conversation. I am sure you will get lots of it.

I like to do my works in both English and Spanish, and my cellular coaching is also offered in both languages.